IEEE CIS Task Force on Process Mining

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XES Webinar

Slide 22: Task Force on Process Mining

In the context of this task force, a group of more than seventy-five people involving more than fifty organizations created the Process Mining Manifesto, which has been translated into twelve [TAB]other [TAB]languages. By defining a set of [TAB]guiding principles and listing [TAB]important challenges, this manifesto hopes to serve as a guide for [TAB]software developers, [TAB]scientists, [TAB]consultants, [TAB]business managers, and [TAB]end-users.

As one of its stated goals is to play a role in the standardization efforts for logging data, the task force proposes the [TAB]XES standard. As a fist step in this standardization process, we ask the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society to sponsor this standard proposal.