IEEE CIS Task Force on Process Mining

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XES Webinar

Slide 23: Conclusion

The XES standard proposal is a product of this IEEE Task Force on Process Mining, which is an active task force in the IEEE CIS domain. This task force has adopted the XES standard proposal as the default interchange format for event data, as it sees that there is a very general and clear need for such a standard. Given that the task force contains many industry partners, like [TAB]Fujitsu, [TAB]HP, [TAB]IBM, [TAB]IDS Scheer, [TAB]Perceptive Software, [TAB]Deloitte, [TAB]Xerox, [TAB]Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and [TAB]Software AG, there is also a large interest from industry for the standard proposal. Finally, the standard proposal has full support from the [TAB]DMTC, or Data Mining Technical Committee.

To help us advance, we ask [TAB]you to sponsor the XES standard proposal.