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More and more people, both in industry and academia, consider process mining (see the promotional video for an introduction) as one of the most important innovations in the field of business process management. It joins ideas of process modeling and analysis on the one hand and data mining and machine learning on the other. Therefore, the IEEE has established a Task Force on Process Mining. This Task Force is established in the context of the Data Mining Technical Committee (DMTC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).

The goal of this Task Force is to promote the research, development, education and understanding of process mining. More concretely, the goal is to:

  • make end-users, developers, consultants, and researchers aware of the state-of-the-art in process mining,
  • promote the use of process mining techniques and tools and stimulating new applications,
  • play a role in standardization efforts for logging event data,
  • the organization of tutorials, special sessions, workshops, panels,
  • the organization of Conferences/Workshop with IEEE CIS Technical Co-Sponsorship, and
  • publications in the form of special issues in journals, books, articles (e.g., in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine).

Note that process mining includes (automated) process discovery (extracting process models from an event log), conformance checking (monitoring deviations by comparing model and log), social network/organizational mining, automated construction of simulation models, case prediction, and history-based recommendations.

Recent news

Join the ICPM Steering Committee

As described in the minutes of the Annual Meeting IEEE Task Force on Process Mining at ICPM 2019 in Aachen, we are looking for candidates to join the Steering Committee.

Please apply before August 31st 2019 if you want to join the Task Force’s Steering Committee and contribute to the future of process mining.

Last year an inaugural Steering Committee (SC) was formed composed of Wil van der Aalst (chair of steering committee), Mieke Jans, Josep Carmona, Marcello La Rosa, and Boudewijn van Dongen. The goal is to broaden the steering committee with experienced people that want join the committee and help to shape the future of processes (including the flagship ICPM conference).

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IEEE XES Schema updated

On March 8, 2019, an issue was detected in the IEEE XES schema. The issue was that the log attributes had to precede the extensions, globals, and classifiers, while the standards explicitly states that they should follow them. To fix this issue, the schema was updated.

The original IEEE XES schema also still exists, if needed.

Run 10 of “Introduction to process mining with ProM” MOOC starts on April 1st, 2019

On April 1, 2019, the tenth run of the free FutureLearn online course ‘Introduction to process mining with ProM’ will start. Join the 13.000 students who enrolled before you and join the course now!

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