IFM 2005

Fifth International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods

29 November - 2 December 2005 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Applying formal methods may involve the modelling of different aspects of a system that are expressed through different paradigms. This motivates us to research the combination of different viewpoints upon a system, either by the creation of hybrid notations, by extending existing notations, by translating between notations, or by incorporating a wider perspective by innovative use of an existing notation.

The integration of formal methods promises great benefits for systems modelling and software development. Whichever approach is taken, significant issues can arise in areas such as semantic integration, the tractability of notations, the integration of tool support, the integration of proof systems, consistency and completeness. Issues arise equally in our modelling of systems at different levels of abstraction and the development of these models through the process of refinement.

The scope of IFM2005 includes all aspects of integration of different notations, paradigms, and tools, including integration of state-based and behavioural formalisms, and the formal strengthening of informal notations (e.g., UML). Special sessions are planned on the themes of Unifying Theories of Programming as well as Testing, and submissions for these are welcomed.

The necessity of tool support for formal methods is widely accepted. However, much existing tool support fails to exploit the advantages that formality brings. This year's IFM is therefore particularly interested in how integrating formal methods can facilitate tool support for the development process, either by integrating tools or exploiting the particular languages combined.

The conference also seeks and welcomes contributions in related areas such as: hybrid systems, the embedding of one formalism within another, and the integration of formal methods with informal or semi-formal diagrammatic notations and structuring techniques.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: May 18, 2005
Notification of acceptance: July 13, 2005
Submission of final copy: August 17, 2005
Conference: November 29 - December 2, 2005

Invited Speakers

Patrice Godefroid - Bell Labs (USA)
David Parnas - University of Limerick (Ireland), McMaster University (Canada)
Doron Peled - University of Warwick (UK)

Invited Tutorials

Holger Hermanns - Saarland University (Germany)

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