PhD Council

This council consists of Ph.D. students getting their education in IPA. Participating universities can nominate up to two members. The task of the council is to advice the Board on matters concerning the education programme and the research programme, to assist in organising PhD workshops, and to represent IPA PhD students. The council meets at least once a year.


  • Josh Mengerink, MSc. (TU/e, chairman)
  • vacancy (VUA)
  • Rodin Aarssen, MSc. (CWI)
  • Enno Ruijters, MSc. (UT)
  • Nico Naus, MSc. (UU)
  • vacancy (UL)
  • Moritz Beller, MSc. (TUD)
  • Joshua Moerman, MSc. (RU)

Former members:

  • Jan Rochel (UU)
  • Daniel Gebler (VUA)
  • Gijs Kant (UT)
  • Maarten Manders (TU/e, chairman)
  • Bogdan Vasilescu  (TU/e, chairman)
  • Marijn Schraagen (UL)
  • Stijn de Gouw (CWI)
  • Pim Vullers (RU)
  • Sander Vermolen (TUD)
  • Sjoerd Cranen (TU/e, chairman)
  • Mark Timmer (UT)