About IPA

This page contains information about the three kinds of activity of IPA: Research, education of Ph.D. students, and cooperation with industry.

Research Areas and Focus Areas

Research in IPA is concentrated in three research areas:

For the period 2007-2012 IPA has five focus areas, where we expect important developments in the field in the near future:

Educational Activities

IPA provides a curriculum for the education of Ph.D. students. This curriculum consists of three basic courses (one for each of the research areas) of which two are given every year on revolving schedule. In addition, IPA stages two courses on new topics every year: The IPA Spring Days and the IPA Fall Days.

In the Netherlands, IPA sponsors events organized by its members that contribute to the education of its Ph.D. students. On the European level, IPA works together with research schools from other countries in the EEF to organize educational activities for young scientists (including IPA Ph.D. students), such as Summer Schools.

See the activities section for upcoming activities.See the archive section for past activities. See the formalities section for information on how to get your event sponsored by IPA.

Cooperation with Industry

Information Technology is of major importance for Dutch industry. IPA strives for the transfer of knowledge from its researchers to people in industry. To promote knowledge transfer, IPA has developed a number of different activities:

IPA in the Netherlands and Europe

KNAW IPA is a KNAW recognized research school. See the links section for links to other Dutch research schools in the area of Computer Science, Logic, and Mathematics.
EEF IPA is a member of the European Educational Forum. See the links section for links to the other EEF research schools.