Section Information Systems (IS)

New course: Constraint Programming (2II70)

Want an interesting and well-paid job?

Want to solve real-life combinatorial optimization problems?

Then join the Constraint Programming course (2II70) given for the first time this year at Eindhoven University by prof.dr.ir. Wim Nuijten.

Being able to model and solve combinatorial optimization problems is a skill that is becoming more and more broadly valued by big corporations like Google, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, but also by a large number of smaller companies and start-ups. Constraint Programming (CP) is a widely used paradigm to model and solve combinatorial optimization problems both in consulting and software development where it is a crucial addition to Mathematical Programming. One of the aims of CP is to be declarative, which makes it an attractive tool also for people that do not have or want to have deep mathematical knowledge of its underlying principles.

Prof. Nuijten has a 15+ year industrial experience working for ILOG (in 2009 acquired by IBM), a Paris-based software vendor developing, marketing, and selling products like ILOG CPLEX, ILOG CP, and ILOG JRules. In that time he has worked closely with many companies amongst which SAP, Oracle, Siebel, and JD Edwards, where he got broad exposure to real-life combinatorial optimization problems. That experience is injected throughout this CP course to increase its practical value and to provide examples of how and where theory and practice meet.