Section Information Systems (IS)

Courses 2008/2009

In general, additional information on our courses can easily be obtained through the URL http://wwwis.win.tue.nl/<code>, where <code> should be replaced by the code of the course.

2IA05 Functioneel programmeren OwInfo
2ID05 Datamodeling and databases OwInfo
2ID15 Mens-machine interactie OwInfo Additional information
2ID25 Information retrieval OwInfo
2ID35 Database technology OwInfo
2ID45 Advanced databases OwInfo Addiitonal information
2ID55 Adaptive systems OwInfo
2ID99 Capita selecta databases and hypermedia OwInfo Additional information
2II05 Bedrijfsinformatiesystemen OwInfo
2II15 Datamining en kennissystemen OwInfo Additional information
2II25 Webtechnologie OwInfo Additional information
2II35 Web information systems OwInfo
2II55 Business process management systems OwInfo
2II60 Technology of information systems (TIS) OwInfo
2II65 Metamodeling and interoperability OwInfo
2II75 Business process simulation OwInfo Additional information
2II85 IT-governance OwInfo
2II95 Seminar information systems OwInfo Additional information
2II99 Capita selecta architecture of information systems OwInfo
2IO05 OGO 1.1 OwInfo
2IP35 Software engineering project OwInfo Additional information