Section Information Systems (IS)

What is the procedure of an internship?

First of all note that BIS and CSE master students are not normally allowed to do an internship. You need a special permission from the BIS or CSE director in order to do an internship project. Getting this permission is very exceptional.

  1. When you have obtained permission to do an internship you make an appointment with the coordinator in order to select a project and a mentor and supervisor. Mentor and supervisor are often the same person. When your mentor is not a (full, associate or assistant) professor of the WE group you need a supervisor who is.
  2. For the duration of the internship (3 months full time is standard, but another period is possible too; each ects represents 28 hours of work) you will have very frequent contact with your mentor (and somewhat less with your supervisor if that is a different person). You must frequently (e.g. weekly) report on your progress. It is up to your mentor and yourself whether you report through face to face meetings, email or paper reports, and how you schedule your appointments. You cannot expect your mentor or supervisor to be available full time to start reading your reports immediately and give immediate feedback. It is normal for the feedback times to have a frequency and timeliness that is related to the frequency and timeliness of your own reports.
  3. Near the end of the internship you must write a final report. This is not a diary of all the events that happened during the internship but a description of the project, the goals, the background, the design decisions and the argumentation for them, the results and conclusions and possible future work in the subject area.
  4. You are responsible for finishing the final report on time and delivering it to your mentor (and supervisor). It is normal for the grading of the report to take some time, and it is possible that the mentor (and supervisor) reject a few versions of the report before accepting it for a passing grade. You should therefore take into account that there may be a period between the date that you think you will finish the internship and the date the mentor (and supervisor) give you a passing grade. Contrary to popular belief it is also possible that at the end you receive a failing grade (but this will rarely come as a surprise at the end).
  5. It is common, but not required, to give a final presentation for a public of WE staff members and students. It is up to your mentor and you to jointly decide whether to give a final presentation or not, and to schedule that presentation.