Section Information Systems (IS)

What are the requirements in order to (be allowed to) perform an internship or master thesis project in the WE group?

Projects in the WE group are intended for students with great enthousiasm and skills in the area of Web Engineering. In order to perform an internship or master thesis project you must show that you are “a WE person”. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Students who received a bachelor degree from a Dutch university should show that they have taken some (BSc level) courses in databases and that they completed these courses with a grade of 7 or more in no more than 2 attempts.
  • Students who received a bachelor degree from a university in another country should show a similar level of knowledge in databases, with a mark of A or B or equivalent.
  • In order to do an internship you should get written (or email) permission from the director of your program (BIS or CSE or other) that you are allowed to substitute an amount of course work by an internship. This permission is the exception, not the rule, which is why you need to show explicitly that you have this permission. You do not need permission for a master thesis project (because every master student has to do this).

Because of high demand for WE projects we can no longer accept students who do not satisfy the grade requirements. You should do your projects in the areas in which you feel comfortable, and getting good grades is a clear indication that you feel comfortable in that area. Should you be so unlucky that you are refused by all expertise groups in which you are allowed to do a project (the list of groups differs for BIS and CSE) you should send a request to the examinations board to be accepted by some expertise group. The board will then assign you to an expertise group that must accept you.