Section Information Systems (IS)

What are the responsibilities of your mentor and what are your own responsibilities?

When you wish to perform an internship or master project in the WE group you should be aware that you yourself are responsible for almost every aspect of the project and the procedures. You must obtain the permissions, get the right (approval) forms, do all the work, report in a timely and frequent fashion, have your final report ready on time, make sure you register for the graduation on time, etc. There are a few items that are not entirely your own responsibility:

  • The coordinator will ensure that you have a project by the planned starting date. Should there be unexpected fatal problems that result in a project being cancelled between the date the project is assigned to you and the date the project is planned to start the coordinator will assure that you have another project, within three months of the previous project being cancelled.
  • The mentor and supervisor must be sufficiently available for you to discuss your progress, give feedback on your progress reports and on drafts of your final report or thesis. However, there are two ways in which this availability is limited:
    1. Because WE staff members have many different duties, for a sum of between 150 and 200% of a normal full time job, it is impossible for them to be available for you at any time you desire and as often as you desire. You should make appointments well in advance (depending on the staff member this will vary from one week to one month in advance) and you cannot expect to have more than one appointment per week.
    2. Because of the many duties the WE staff members have you can expect them to spend no more than 3 hours for an initial meeting (to discuss the start of the project with you), 1 hour a week for discussing your progress, and 5 hours total for reading and commenting on your final report. It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is of a sufficient level of quality and quantity that this amount of time spent by the staff members is more than enough to guide you through the project.
  • The mentor and supervisor will ensure that your assigned project work is of sufficient academic level to obtain a passing grade. Should your performance not correspond to this level they will notify you of your insufficient performance in due course so that you know you have to improve your performance in order to pass, and that you know that your performance level may imply that the project will take longer before you obtain sufficient results to obtain a passing grade.