Section Information Systems (IS)

Who plays a role in an internship or a thesis project?

When you perform a project in the WE group you will interact with several people:

  • The coordinator is always the first person to contact. He will find a project that matches your capabilities and interests, and bring you into contact with a mentor, and if needed also a (graduation) supervisor. So contrary to what the graduation regulations say you should not start looking for a mentor and supervisor, the coordinator will do this for you.
  • The mentor (called “graduation tutor” in the graduation regulations) is the person you have very frequent (daily) contact with. This person can be any TU/e staff member or a staff member of an industry partner who supplies your project.
  • The supervisor is a (full, associate or assistant) professor of the WE group. (Note that although members of other groups at the TU/e may be allowed to be a thesis supervisor an internship or master thesis project is only considered as a WE project when the supervisor is a staff member of the WE group.) The supervisor may also be the mentor.
  • In the case of a master thesis project the “assessment committee” must be formed at least two months before completing the project. The “graduation regulations” document contains the exact rules. In the case of the master thesis this committee decides on your grade; in the case of an internship the decision is made by the mentor and supervisor together.
  • Although not mentioned in any regulation, the people at the student administration also play an important role in a master thesis project: you need to contact them about forms to obtain permission to start the project, to tell them who is on your assessment committee, to arrange the printing of your thesis and the scheduling of a thesis presentation, and to register for the graduation meeting and ceremony.