Section Information Systems (IS)

When do you approach the WE group about doing an internship or thesis project?

When you wish to perform an internship or master thesis project you should keep the following timing aspects in mind:

  • You should contact the coordinator before starting your first elective course. You cannot choose your elective courses freely. The coordinator will discuss the choices with you and may also indicate that certain electives must be taken in order to perform a project in a certain topic area.
  • You should contact the coordinator at least 3 months before starting a project (internship or master thesis) in order to discuss the topic and mentor. If you are too late in contacting the coordinator you risk having to start the project later, and the possible choices of topics and mentors will be reduced.
  • You must complete all courses before starting a master thesis project if possible. You will be allowed to start the project if you have completed all but 2 courses. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to start if you have more than 2 uncompleted courses. If you have not completed courses you may also lose the assigned project and mentor because the projects are under time constraints so they will be given to another student who does fulfill the requirements.
  • You must complete all courses before you are allowed to finish and present you master thesis project. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to finish your thesis project before successfully completing all the courses.

Important note

When you fail to contact the coordinator in time or succesfully complete the necessary courses you will experience a delay in finishing the master program. There exist no reasons for putting any time pressure on your mentor. You are entirely responsible for your own timing and for completing courses and your thesis work on time.