Section Information Systems (IS)

What kinds of projects does the WE group offer, and can you suggest your own topic?

The internship and master thesis projects in the WE group are all of one of the following types:

  • Research projects. These are the most prestigious projects. The WE project topics include adaptive hypermedia and adaptive Web-based systems, user modeling, adaptive educational technology, semantic Web and ontology engineering, XML-based database principles and technology and data mining. (This is not an exhaustive list.) For almost all students participation in research projects is the highest level of academic work they can achieve. Some students go on to do a PhD and then have the opportunity to do more research. It is an honor to be allowed to participate in the WE group's research projects. You need to have excellent grades in WE courses in order to be allowed to participate in research projects.
  • Industry projects. The WE group has a number of industry contacts and partners, often related to the research topics and projects. The coordinator maintains contacts with industry and ensures that all industry projects meet our academic requirements. Some industry-related projects are carried out on location, inside a company, and others are carried out at the university. The coordinator will match the interests of students, mentors and industry partners in order to assign projects to students.

We sometimes get requests from students who have their own industry contact and wish to perform an internship or master thesis project in a company they are familiar with. Such requests are almost always denied because of academic quality and proper guidance concerns. You are strongly advised not to look for projects yourself. The coordinator will find an appropriate project for you, provided that you qualify for doing a project in the WE group at all.

There is one exception to this principle: part-time students working full-time in the IT industry may request to perform their master project in the company they work for. The coordinator will doublecheck that the academic level and the guidance are guaranteed and may (but does not have to) approve such a proposed project.