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LaTeX is a document typesetting software package which is platform independent. In the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science on the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven we support LaTeX on several platforms: Windows, and Linux. The usage is basically the same, but the installations are based on different distributions. Click the links below to view information on the installation on your platform.

We have created several documents on LaTeX to help you create your documents. The documentation page contains these documents, as well as some useful links and books.

Platform Distribution Support
Windows MiKTeX Wil Kortsmit (rcwil@win.tue.nl)
Marko Boon (marko@win.tue.nl)
Linux/Unix teTeX Jan Willem Knopper(jknopper@win.tue.nl)
MacOS X teTeX Jan Willem Knopper(jknopper@win.tue.nl) - limited support
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