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LaTeX Documentation

Most of these documents are in Dutch. We apologise for the inconvenience.

All of the files below are PDF files created from LaTeX sources, using PDFLatex. Except for the LaTeX manual, all sources are available. Click the link below to find all the source files:

Sources of the documentation

LaTeX manual A complete manual which is an excellent document for both beginners and advanced users. Unfortunately some techniques explained in this manual have been a little outdated. For newer techniques, mostly concerning images and pdflatex, see the documents below.
LaTeX/MiKTeX Package Documentation (almost) Every package that is installed in MiKTeX comes with some documentation. Many people do not know this, but you can find the documentation on your computer in your MiKTeX installation directory: C:\MiKTeX\texmf\doc\latex. Please note that in the parent folder (doc) you can also find directories containing information about bibtex, dvips, makeindex etc.
In MiKTeX 2.5 (coming medio 2006) there will be an improved way to find this documentation.
Images in LaTeX This document shows how to include external graphics in your LaTeX document. It also shows how to put two images next to each other (with one caption, two captions, subcaptions etc.) or wrap your text around a figure.
AMS LaTeX This document is a new version of Chapter 8 in the LaTeX Companion. Now it is compatible with the latest version of AMS LaTeX. One of these changes is the \mathbb command.
Fancy Headings This document contains the official documentation on the fancyhdr (previously known as fancyheadings) package. You need this package to create your own headers and footers.
Slideshows TU/ePDFScreen is a document which explains how to create slideshows for computer screens using LaTeX. Its possibilities are similar to Powerpoint, but it uses LaTeX to create the slideshow.

Another possibility is to use the beamer package. A TU/e style has been written that creates slides in the TU/e style. The style files and sample source code can be found here:

The standard LaTeX packages beamer and pgf are required.
TU/e letters and faxes These documents explain how to create letters and faxes for the TU/e.
WinEdt usage manual This manual gives some useful hints on the usage of WinEdt (the LaTeX editor distributed with MiKTeX).
Introduction to LaTeX A source file containing as much useful and common LaTeX commands as possible.


Good books on LaTeX are:
  • The LaTeX manual (see PDF file above), written by Piet van Oostrum. This is available at the sales point of TU/e syllabi.
  • The LaTeX companion, by Goossens, Mittelbach, Samarin.
    ISBN 0-201-54199-8
  • The LaTeX Web Companion, by Goossens, Rahtz.
    ISBN 0-201-43311-7
  • The LaTeX Graphics Companion, by Goossens, Rahtz, Mittelbach
    ISBN 0-201-85469-4
  • LaTeX, a document preparation system, by Leslie Lamport
    ISBN 0-201-52983-1
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