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LaTeX for Linux (TeX Live)

If you are a member of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and you have a linux system provided by BCF, you will find that LaTeX is installed. The installed packages and fonts are the same as in the Windows MiKTeX installation. However, if you should have a LaTeX file that compiles in the Windows MiKTeX distribution, but fails to compile in the Unix installation (or the other way around), please send this file along with some remarks to jknopper@win.tue.nl.

If you are not a member of the department of mathematics and computer science or if you have installed your own linux system, please contact jknopper@win.tue.nl to obtain installation instructions for the TU/e packages (including TU/ePDFScreen and TU/e fonts) in Linux.

Is there an editor similar to WinEdt for Linux?

Most Linux users have their own preferred editor, like vi, vim, emacs, etc.. But if you are new to linux, or if you want an editor that works smoothly with the LaTeX installation, similar to WinEdt in Windows, you can try Kile. On standard BCF linux systems you will find the executable in /usr/bin/kile.

Two DVI viewers you can use are xdvi and kdvi. The former has been the standard for long, but kdvi has been improving and might even work better nowadays.

What viewers exist for DVI, PostScript, PDF?

There are several PostScript viewers. Just like xdvi, gv has been the standard for a long time. But the PS viewer that you know from the Windows MiKTeX installation: GSView, also exists in Linux. The binary is /usr/bin/gsview. The installed version might be a bit older than the Windows version. On Fedora 4 gv is not installed by default, and it is recommended to use evince which is a general viewer that also displays PDF files and sometimes gives better results than gv.
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