OAS Colloquium

OAS is proceeded by the joint colloquium Prose.


15-09-2005 Nikola Trcka Stuttering Congruence for Chi FM trcka-15-09-05-abs.txt trcka-15-09-05-pres.pdf
29-09-2005 Kalok Man Formal Specification and Analysis of Hybrid Systems FM man-29-09-05-abs.txt man-29-09-05-pres.ps
13-10-2005 Bas Ploeger Analysis of Embedded Copier Software OAS ploeger-13-10-05-abs.txt (N.A. due to confidentiality)
27-10-2005 Fabian Kratz R-Charon, A modeling language for reconfigurable distributed hybrid systems OAS kratz-27-10-05-abs.txt kratz-27-10-05-pres.pdf
10-11-2005 Hannes Pretorius Visualization of Transition Systems Vis pretorius-10-11-05-abs.txt pretorius-10-11-05-pres.ppt
08-12-2005 Arjan Mooij Realizability criteria for compositional MSC OAS mooij-08-12-05-abs.txt mooij-08-12-05-pres.pdf
08-12-2005 Pieter Cuijpers A glimpse of Real-Time Calculus OAS cuijpers-19-01-06-abs.txt
02-02-2006 Muck van Weerdenburg Efficient Term Rewriting for mCRL2 OAS weerdenburg-02-02-06-abs.txt weerdenburg-02-02-06-pres.pdf
16-02-2006 Adam Koprowski Certified Higher-Order Recursive Path Ordering OAS koprowski-16-02-06-abs.txt