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Modeling Seminar


One of the key activities in the program Mathematics for Industry is the Modeling Seminar. It is the central part of the program in which all modeling activities are concentrated. The seminar has been set up to train its participants in the various aspects of mathematical modeling as well as in their competences personal core. Among these aspects we recognize:
  • Identification of the problem (including evaluating whether a mathematical approach would be useful or not).
  • Project planning and time management by keeping a logbook.
  • Gathering information about the context of the problem (structural information and data).
  • Identification of a (sub-)problem to be evaluated by mathematical means.
  • Mathematical modeling.
  • Mathematical analysis of the problem.
  • Validation of the model.
  • Drawing conclusions for the real problem from the results of the analysis.
  • Developing software packages for problem-owners to enable them to do their own analysis.
  • Communication with problem-owners and other stake-executors
  • Presentation of results (verbally and in writing).