International Conference On Preconditioning Techniques For Scientific And Industrial Applications

17-19 June 2015
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Information for speakers:

There will be an audio-video equipment assistant present for the duration of your lecture. For your presentation:
  • Either use your USB stick with the Eindhoven University computer at location
  • Or connect your computer to the VGA cable
In both cases, projections are size 768x1024 or 720x1280. Eindhoven computers offer Windows 8.1, and only play WMA and VLC media files,
Quicktime video's are not supported. If you need Quicktime video's, please use your own laptop

  • The duration of contributed talks is 30 minutes including time for discussion
  • Before your session starts, copy your presentation (.ppt/.pdf/etc) on the presentation computer in your lecture room

Information for session chairs:

For each speaker:

  • Please provide an introduction
  • Please make a copy of the presentation
  • Present the copies to the available assistant
  • Information for assistants I:

    • Collect the presentations (on a USB stick)
    • Bring your mobile phone and call +31-6-19966615 if further assistance is needed:
    Help with the connection of equipment at the start/end of the day:
    • All Auditorium class rooms (except Blauwe Zaal) offer a "Smart podium" which is a pen-screen (touch-screen) computer:
      The cable with the yellow VGA connector could be lying at the ground or under the catheder.
    • Independent on whether you use the "Smart podium" or your laptop connected to the VGA port --
      the "Smart podium" must be switched on (Button on lower left corner)
    • In Auditorium 14 and 15 it is possible that the yellow VGA connector (cable) is already connected to the teleconference television unit:
      Unplug the yellow VGA cable from the television unit
    • To use your laptop, connect the yellow VGA cable to your laptop
    • If you use your laptop, plug the audio-plug into your laptop's speakers port -- elsewise interference sounds can be audible
    • Next, locate the beamer control panel (for Auditorium 2, skip this part, and see at the end of this page):
      Select "Display: On" and projection source "Laptop" (independent on whether you use your laptop or the "Smart podium")
    • The lights and blinds can be controled with the appropriate panel:

    • To lower the blinds press "Verd arrow down", to stop the lowering, press this button again(!)
    • This should be all. In case of problems contact the PRECON2015 organizing team (+31-6-19966615)
      or local assistance (4700 on the in-lecture-room telephone).

    There should be GSM phone and data signal everywhere in the building/class rooms
    as is required by Dutch law (for reception of governmental catastrophe warnings)

    Information for assistants II:

    Auditorium 2 differs from the other Auditorium locations:
    • There is a different catheder but the same "Smart podium":
    • There is a different beamer control panel: Choose the projection device: ``laptop'' for your own laptop and
      ``computer'' if you connected your USB drive to the "Smart podium" computer:

      Also here do not forget to switch on the "Smart podium" in order to be able to use your laptop
    • The buttons for light (with the same enscriptions) are on the beamer control panel

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