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Unable to set memory limit

when I was run ProM Package Manger(EvolutionTreeMiner).launch,and than set memory,but has a problem Unable to set memory limit(-Xmx 1300M)in Prom.l4j.ini abd/or ProM.bat file Please run the Package Manger as administrator,or administraor,or set the memory limit manuslly. How can I do it?


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 581

    Using the Package Manager to set the memory limit doe snot work when starting ProM from Eclipse. You need to edit the launch file you mention. Typically, on line 20, there will be a fragment that mentions "-Xmx4G". Here, you can set the memory option when starting from Eclipse. The "4G" means 4 GB, "1300M" means 1300 MB, etc.

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