Difference in document type


Could you give me a explanation of difference between Control Summary document and Department Control Parcels?
Control Summary - a document containing the summarised results of various checks and Department Control Parcels -a document containing the results of checks.

My assumptions:
1. First aggregates results of all check for all parcels, second contains only info about current application.
2. Second was actual before 2017 instead first. If so, why Department Control Parcels is found for 2017-cases?

Thank you!


  • fborchertfborchert Posts: 27
    Control summary - integrates and summarizes the results of all other parcel related documents (in the dataset: all documents which are not applications). This means, the control summary contains the results of the department control parcels, together with other check results.

    Department control parcels - a document for a specific kind of plausibility check by the department. There are other kinds of checks, e.g., reference alignment, where the parcels as stated in the application a verified against a reference cadastre of the state.

    Both documents relate to the current application and the current year.

    I'm sorry I don't understand your second assumption.
    I can't find any cases with year=2017 and doctype="Department Control Parcels" in the dataset.

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