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Categorisation Plugin in PROM 6.7 and business rule adaptation using PROM 6

faniarkfaniark Posts: 3
Hi, right now I am doing a research with Process Mining topic. It is still in an early phase so I have 2 questions.

1. Is there any document/paper/journal for categorizing all the PROM plugin? I have been looking and searching the web but couldn't find anything (only PROM manual that is written in 2010 I think). Though there is a label for the category in the application (for example discovery, conformance checking, etc) there is no compilation document about all the plugin.
My thesis supervisor thought that if there is no document about it, probably we will conduct research about it. She wants to give back to PROM community by providing some kind of guidance document about PROM categorization.

2. Is there any plugin the can use process mining to change/make an adaptation to business rule?
for example, I have event data about employee working time. I have rules for example employee should come maximum at 10 am but there is a deviation and using process mining can we define the new rule based on the deviation automatically?




  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 743
    Hi faniark,

    No, not that I know of. Note that the categories are there in ProM, but may not be properly set for all plug-ins. If at some point in time you have an overview of plug-ins with a proper categorization, then I definitely would be interested.

    I'm not even sure whether we have business rules as available objects in the workspace, so I guess the answer is "no". To be able to change a business rule, we would first need a business rule to change, right?

    Business rules may be difficult to add, though, as they require a check, as (like in your example) one wants to check whether a business rule holds on a certain log. Either you need to add a full-fledged logic for business rule, or have to restrict yourself to a predefined collection of business rule templates (of which it is known how to check them).

    Possibly, there are already some implementations for such business rules, but I'm not aware of them in ProM.

    Kind regards,

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