How to export coloured petri net using PROM6

MunaMuna Posts: 23
I need to export a coloured Petri Net using PROM6 in order to perform simulations using cpn tools

Any help would be appreciated 


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    Please have a look at the list of plug-ins that are included in the latest ProM release, ProM 6.8. This list can be found on A number of plug-ins may (or may not) be suitable for your needs:
    • Convert Data Petri Nets to CPN (DataPetriNets)
    • Convert Process Tree to CPN Model (Petra)
    • Cosimulate CPN Model with ProM plugins (Cosimulation)
    • CPN Model Export (Petra)
    • Load CPN Model from CPN Tools (CPNet)
    • Simulate CPN Model (CPNet)
    The list also shows the packages (in brackets) you need to have installed for these plug-ins to be available. There seems to be a single export plug-in for CPN models, which is implemented in the Petra package. Please make sure you have the Petra package installed, and try to use that plug-in. If this plug-in does not work for you, you might have to develop your own export plug-in.

    Kind regards,


  • MunaMuna Posts: 23
    Thank you eric 
    it Helped a lot 
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