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Bug in Animation Export of Inductive Visual Miner when showing paths and queue lengths?

I'm using the Inductive Visual Miner with ProM Lite 1.2. When selecting "Paths and queue lengths" under "Show", the queue lengths in the activities change dynamically during the animation.

However, when I export the same animation under "Export view" by selecting ".avi", the exported animation does not change the queue lengths dynamically. The animation itself works, but the queue lengths remain frozen.

Could this be a bug in the Inductive Visual Miner?

Best, Frank


  • Hi Frank,

    I tested the Inductive Visual Miner as you indicated.
    I think you are right, and it may be a bug in the plugin.
    I already sent your report of the bug to the author of the plugin.

    Guangming Li
    PhD student in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Hi Frank,

    Thanks for reporting, I'll have a look.

    Kind regards,

    Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology
  • FrankFrank Posts: 29
    Hi sander

    Thanks for looking at this. Will you post here once you could fix it? Not sure if I have to reinstall ProM-Lite or if plugin-updates get pulled automatically upon starting ProM.
  • An update that enables this feature has been released, and will be available in the Nightly Build tomorrow.
    Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology
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