Save directly follows graph as image

Hello there. I'm using ProM's 'Convert log to directly follows graph' to convert logs (CSV -> XES -> Graph) into graphs with 100% fitness, as the logs I generate have no noise.

However, when I try to export the graphs to disk, I can only save them in a .dfg file, which only ProM can read. I installed and tried to run it in GraphViz from command line (not the package from ProM), but it is not a valid dot file. 

Is there a way I can read those .dfg file and create a image from it (a SVG, PNG or even PDF) without too many difficulties?


  • Hi,

    When viewing the directly follows graph, there is a question mark symbol in the bottom right corner. Selecting it pops up a menu, from which you can save the image or print it. Both options are also accessible by shortcuts: use either CTRL+i or CTRL+p.

    Kind regards,

  • That's an incredibly sneaky button. Thanks!
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