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creating a command in ProM editor in order for the workflow to identify dynamic naming files


I'm using ProM Editor 6.1.1 to create a workflow which is monitored using ProM Monitor. I have INCOMING/OUTGOING directories defined in ProM editor. On a daily basis files are dropped in the INCOMING location which my workflow identifies and processes and the final output is delivered at the OUTGOING location.

I have a command in place in ProM editor that identifies the files dropped in the INCOMING location and its hardcoded. It works for files where the file names are constant and standard. However, I need to write a command that can accept dynamic file names that keeps on changing daily as and when they are dropped.

Standard File Format:


The command is (standard file format):

${CHECKTOOL} ${DIR_INCOMING}Dummy.%AUTOMENU_date:~0,4%%AUTOMENU_date:~5,2%%AUTOMENU_date:~8,2%.SUMHOLDDLYETV.txt 300 24

Dynamic File Format: (highlighted in bold are the part of file name that are dynamic and change daily)


One way that I thought was to use wildcard in the command in order to make the command more flexible to accept dynamic file names. But unfortunately that didn't work or may be I didn't use the wildcards efficiently.

Any thoughts on how can I create a command in ProM Editor so that my workflow can identify and accept dynamic file names?



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    Dear Ashwin,

    It seems your idea of the ProM tool is different from the forum's idea of the ProM tool. This forum deals solely with the process mining framework called ProM, see for more details on this tool. The terms ProM Editor and ProM Monitor have no meaning for us. My guess is that for you ProM stands for Programmable Read-Only Memory, not PROcess Mining.

    Kind regards,

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