CSV Import timestamp issue

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Hello everyone,

I tried to convert a CSV file to XES using the CSV Import Plugin but the outcome is unexpected. I hope the following example illustrates my problem:

startdate, event, trace
16.11.2017, A, Case1

The date is in german format dd.mm.yyyy.

On the "Configure Conversion from CSV to XES" the plugin states it can't autodetect the date format. I shall be given in SimpleDateFormat fashion, therefore I type "d.M.y". 
After conversion is done the Log inspector activity A occured on 16.01.0201. This is not the expected. What can I do?

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  • lcalca Posts: 22
    P.s. I am using ProM Lite 1.2
  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Could you try "dd.MM.yyyy" instead?
  • lcalca Posts: 22
    The output is still wrong... day and month are correct, year is inexplicable.
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    If possible, please replace the dots by another character. As an alternative, add an additional trailing dot to the timestamp ("16.11.2017.").

    The problem is caused with a 'fix' for the milliseconds in a timestamp: If the trailing milliseconds have more than 3 digits (like 1.2345), this is truncated to three digits (like 1.234). Your date format suffers from this fix, as now the year (xxx.2017) gets truncated (xxx.201).
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