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Programmatic usage of ProM plugins

kaqqaokaqqao Posts: 2
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I'm looking for a way to programmatically invoke some PromM plugins. Most interested in the Stream packages  (StreamTransitionSystemsMiner, StreamInductiveMiner etc).

I've so far discovered EDU-ProM which seems to be doing exactly what I want, but it doesn't look like all the plugins I need exist in RapidProm (e.g. no StreamTransitionSystemsMiner).

Are there any examples, libraries or anything you're aware of that could help me? If not, could you please give me some general guidelines on what's needed to e.g. be able to use StreamTransitionSystemsMiner programmatically?

My ultimate goal is to provide a stream of events, build both a transition system and a PetriNet and export it in whatever format possible (maybe PNML) in a non-interactive fashion.

Perhaps ProM CLI is a decent starting point?
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  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 713

    The main issue with using ProM plug-ins in your own application is the fact that you need to provide a ProM plug-in with a decent plug-in context (as the first actual parameter). Please search this forum for "Context" to get some ideas/hints on how to get yourself such a plug-in context.

    If you provide the plug-in with a context that properly subclasses the UIPluginContext class, then all plug-ins should be runnable from your application. If your context only subclasses the generic PluginContext class, then only the plug-ins that accept this generic class will be available. The ProM CLI context is an example of the latter.

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