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three sequenced events

S88S88 Posts: 6
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Hello everybody Im using Prom for the first time to analyze event log I tried Fuzzy model, heuristics miner, and inductive visual miner what I noticed that  most models analyze the relationship between any two events what if I want to analyze three sequenced events  and to see how frequently this sequence is happening, for example,
I tried the heuristics miner and can detect the frequent for three sequenced events if there is only one or two parent of the event and one child but if I had more than one child I can't distinguish which parent give which child  I hope I could clarify my point if there any other miner suggested... what I want to detect is how frequent set of  two  or three events is happening not only one event  and which sequences are occurring  most often
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  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 482
    If you're only interested in how often a sequence of three events occurs in the log, you could use a combination of "Mine Transition System" on the log and then (Analyze Transition System" on both the mined transition system and the log. For the mining step, make sure to select the "List" collection type and to set the collection limit size to 3. This guarantees that the last three events determine the state in the resulting transition system. Using the transition system analyzer, you can then inspect the frequency of a certain state (that is, of a certain sequence of three events);
    - If you hover over a state, then these three last events will be shown for that state.
    - If you select a state, the frequency will be shown in bottom part of the screen.

    Otherwise, you would have to build a new miner. Many miners use the directly follows relation as an abstraction for the log, which only looks an event ahead. You would like to look two events ahead...

    Hope this helps,

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