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ProM bash script in linux


I'm new here. I want a little help on how to prepare bash script for ProM 5.2 in Linux. 
I'm using FSM miner and choose the "Set" in the Backward abstraction.
Then use analyzer and evaluator.
Also I upload XES file

And how to save the output in text file.



  • do I need to work on ProM command line interface (CLI) to execute batch tasks.
  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 635
    Dear Ashmad,

    If you want to use ProM plug-ins from a GUI-less bash script, then ProM 5.2 is not really suitable, as the ProM 5.2 plug-ins typically require a GUI. That's why we started with ProM 6, where many plug-ins come with a headless (CLI) variant. These headless variants can be called from a GUI-less application running in a bash script.

    The FSM Miner is called "Mine Transition System" in ProM 6, and also comes with such headless variants. The most flexible one takes a plug-in context, an event log, and a parameter object (TSMinerInput class), and results in a transition system.

    When running the plug-in from your script, you need to provide it with a proper plug-in context. Otherwise, the plug-in may not work.

    Kind regards,


  • Dear Eric,
    Thanks for the explanation.

    As I said in the main post, I'm new and know nothing about working with ProM in Linux.

    is there any tutorial or youtube explain how to start working on (CLI) and "Mine Transition System".

    Kind regards.

  • Dear Eric,
    I just open the log file and try "Mine Transition System", but it is not as same as FSM Miner.

    I used FSM miner and analyzer and evaluator to get the average prediction of activity remaining time.

    Kind regards,

  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 635
    Dear Ahmed,

    Please look for info on how to run ProM plug-ins outside of ProM on this forum. We do not actively support that, but it is possible. Main issue is the 'fake' or 'dummy' plug-in context you need to create.

    No, the transition system miner is not exactly the same. But together with the analyze transition system (on the mined transition system and the log), it should be what you need.

    Kind regards,


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