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Run ProM from source code in SVN

jadsonjsjadsonjs Posts: 1
How I could run ProM from source code checkout from SVN?

I tried this tutorial here

But this step did not work:
"Eclipse automatically builds the class files, After building has completed, no problems should exist on the Eclipse 'Problems'-tab"

Simply checkout the project does not make the eclipse compile de project. After checkout the project we have several compile problems like "AbstractConnection cannot be resolved to a type".

I have tried to run "ant" but get this error:  build.xml:92: impossible to resolve dependencies: /var/lib/hudson/.ivy2/cache/${env.EXECUTOR_NUMBER}/resolved-prom-Workshop-latest.xml

I have tried also run the file ProM Package Manager (Workshop).launch like this tutorial:

but get another error:

Launch configuration ProM Package Manager (Workshop) references non-existing project Workshop.

What is a step that I need to run to make the ant/ivy script download the dependences that are missing the resolver the compilation problems ?



  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 427

    Do you have the IvyDE add-on installed in Eclipse?

    To resolve dependencies, ProM uses ivy. A way to support this in Eclipse is to install this IvyDE add-on. See for details.

    Kind regards,


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