RunnerUpPackages not installed

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I have a problem when installing ProM.

After downloading ProM6.8, I launch the Package Manager. The Not Installed tab opens but the basic package RunnerUpPackages is not available so I can't install it.

Then I can't use ProM because most packages depends from it. For example when I try to import a file (csv or mxml or xes...) I get the error "No import plugin available".

Any help ? Thanks,



  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Hi Benoit,

    Does the Package Manager display any packages, in either the "Up to date", "Out of date", or "Not installed" tabs? If not, then can you check whether you can access using your favorite browser?

    Otherwise, to diagnose possible problems, could you start the Package Manager by double-clicking the "ProMPM68.bat" file (assuming you are using Windows) in the folder where you have installed ProM 6.8? As a result, a command prompt will open showing you a log containing all kinds of diagnostic messages. If need be, please send the log to me, so I can have a look.

    Kind regards,

  • bcourbonbcourbon Posts: 3

    Thanks for the quick answer.
    Some package are displayed in "not installed", none in the other tabs.
    I can access the link above with my favorite browser so that is not the issue.
    I send you the output of ProMPM68.bat by mail.


  • bcourbonbcourbon Posts: 3
    Update : the problem was due to my company system which was blocking the download of packages
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