Integrating Hadoop and Prom6

I can accross a research paper on the integration of prom and hadoop to process huge files instead of a static log.

I ve looked in the plugins but found none about this integration
can any body explain the process ? Are the plugins implemented in hadoop again ? or there is a connection between the 2 technologies and how it is done.
I ve read a paper but didnt get it 


  • Dear Muna,

    The research paper you refer to, i.e.,, which also has a more academic "sister paper", which is sadly lesser known, i.e.,, is quite a few years old, and, based on a rather old version of Hadoop.

    The core idea of the implementation, is simply establishing a connection to a pre-defined Hadoop cluster, and, running a pre-implemented algorithm (alpha miner / heuristics miner) on an event log that is stored on the cluster.

    As the paper primarily served as a proof-of-concept, and, in research is not really useful, the corresponding ProM package has been disabled.

    However, the source code is still accessible through

    Hope this helps.


    (Posted by Eric Verbeek on behalf of Sebastiaan van Zelst).


  • MunaMuna Posts: 23
    okay thank you , I f I ve understood. The plugin reimplements anpha miner and heuristic miner and runs the analysis on hadoop while the visalization is donee via prom ? am I right
  • Dear Menu,

    As far as I know, you're right, except for the fact that the inductive miner is also supported.

    Kind regards,
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