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need to find FSM miner, Analyzer and Evaluator from ProM 5.2 to run it on version 6.8

I'm working on BPIC 18, I have ProM 5.2 and using FSM miner, Analyzer and Evaluator.
this log is huge so I need to run it on the CLI of ProM 6.8.
does it still available, I can't find it!!!
Please anyone who work on that, let me know.


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 602

    The CLI is included in ProM 6.8, but there are not script or batch files that call on it.

    On you can find batch files with corresponding script files that allow you to run some discovery algorithm using the CLI.

    The FSM Miner is not included, so you will need to write your own script file.

    Hope this helps, kind regards,

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