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Can not find packages in ProM

syjing628syjing628 Posts: 37
Hey all,

I meet a problem that the ProM (including Package Manager) can not find the packages which were installed before.

I can also find these packages from C:\Users\SYJING\.ProM69\packages

How can I fix it? Thanks in advance.

Si-Yuan Jing


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 583
    Dear Si-Yaun Jing,

    Please be a bit more specific. Which packages (and which version numbers) ProM can not find now?

    Did you change your ProM.ini file? If you have changed the PACKAGE_URL, then you are now using a different set of packages.

    Kind regards,
  • syjing628syjing628 Posts: 37
    Hi Eric,

    All the packages can not be found in the PMManager as well as in the ProM 6.9.
    But I did not change anything. 

    The content of the ProM.ini is given below:

    # This file contains information about this ProM release
    # it points ProM to the right packages and keeps version
    # information
    # Folders should be separated using "/" (forward slash). 
    # This will be replaced with File.Separator().
    # Specifies the ProM release version
    PROM_VERSION = 6.9
    # Specifies which package should be installed
    RELEASE_PACKAGE = RunnerUpPackages
    # Specifies the URL to the default package repository
    # Specifies whether ProM is Verbose 
    # (possible: "ALL" / "ERROR" / "NONE", defaults to "ALL")
    # The library folder is relative to the prom installation
    # folder (default is "lib")
    LIB_FOLDER = lib
    # The images folder is relative to the prom library
    # folder (default is "=images")
    IMAGES_FOLDER = images
    # The macro folder is relative to the prom library
    # folder (default is "macros")
    MACRO_FOLDER = macros
    # The prom user folder is NOT relative to the 
    # prom installation folder. The (default is empty, in
    # which case the OS handles the location)
    # The package folder is relative to the 
    # prom user folder. The (default is "packages")
    PACKAGE_FOLDER = packages
    # The workspace folder is relative to the 
    # prom user folder. The (default is "workspace")
    WORKSPACE_FOLDER = workspace
    # Whether ProM should check the URL of a package archive.
    # If true, then the package will be ignored if the archive
    # cannot be opened. If false, the package will not be ignored.
    # Whether ProM should hide old version of a package.
    # If true, only the most recent version of the package will be 
    # shown as being available. If false, all versions will be
    # shown.
    # Timeouts (in milliseconds) used when trying to get a file from the repository.
    # Setting a timeout to 0 means no timeout wil be set.

  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 583

    The line with the PACKAGE_URL mentions two URLs:
    Can you access one of these URLs in your browser?

    Kind regards,

  • syjing628syjing628 Posts: 37
    edited March 17
    Hi Eric,

    Both of the two URLs can be accessed in browser. What should I do?

    (Because it is a long time to download the packages, I try to fix this problem firstly.)


    Si-Yuan Jing
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  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 583
    Hi Si-Yuan Joing,

    I don't know. If your browser can access these URLs, but ProM cannot... I cannot explain.

    If you start ProM 6.9 from a Command Tool using the ProM69.bat file, then ProM writes all kinds of messages to the Command Tool that may be of use. Especially if you set VERBOSE to ALL in the ProM.ini file (VERBOSE=ALL instead of VERBOSE=NONE). If you can share these messages here, I may be able to tell a bit more. Just copy-pasting the contents of the Command Tool here should work.

    Kind regards,
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