Modelling BPMN models with conditions and translating them to DPN/CPN in ProM?

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according to BPMN 2.0 spec, exclusive gateways should have conditions on their outgoing arcs. (In addition, but less importantly, a default arc may be designated in case all conditions are false.) Very reasonable, because otherwise conformance checking against models with many exclusive gateways has exponential computational complexity (imagine token-replay, you might have to backtrack over all n! combinations of empty arcs).
  1. Is there anything in ProM 6.9 that would allow me to model such BPMN models with arc conditions?
  2. Is there anything that would translate them to Petri nets (either Data Petri nets or Colored Petri nets with corresponding CPN ML expressions)?
  3. Is there anything that could discover such annotated models (preferably BPMN, but also Petri net directly) from event logs?
I have looked for plugins, but have had no success. But I'm absolutely new to ProM, so...

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  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    Hi Sebastian,

    (The following reply is from Anna Kalenkova (University of Melbourne). She is the lead architect for everythign releated to BPMN in ProM.)

    Thank you for your interest in BPMN ProM plugins.

    Answering your questions:

    1)      You can upload a BPMN model with control flow conditions to ProM.

    Or you can discover a Data Petri net from an event log using Discovery of the Process Data Flow (Decision-Tree Miner) plugin and then convert it a BPMN model with data and control-flow conditions applying Convert Data Petri net to BPMN diagram plugin.

    2)      Yes, plugin Convert BPMN diagram to Data Petri net can be applied to transformed a BPMN model to Petri net with data.

          See the answer to question 1). Also, you can simply discover an regular Petri net from an event log using Mine Petri net with Inductive Miner, Alpha Miner,  ILP-Based Process Discovery plugins and then convert it to BPMN (with control flow only) applying Convert Petri net to BPMN diagram plugin.

    If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Kind regards, Anna

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