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Good afternoon,

In the data description it is mentioned that: "The process finished with either the trip taking place or a payment being requested and payed." However, we couldn't find data that supports this notion. Could you elaborate on this? Additionally, we were wondering if we could get some more insight into the data itself. An attribute description, as found in the BPI 2019 challenge, would be very helpful!

We are looking forward to your response.
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    I'm not sure why you say this. If you add a classifier to the log for the concept:name, you clearly see this. (classifiers are not there by default, but can be added, for example using the "repair log" plugin or by an export from the Dotted Chart).

    In the "RequestForPayment" log, for example, 91.6 percent of the cases end with "Payment Handled". 
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    A more elaborate description of each data attribute is attached. This is all I have and I'll post it on the website too.
  • Hi everyone,

    I have some questions about data attributes, in the file that should describe the data I think there are some issues. None of the column names mentioned in the file can not be found in the event logs dowloaded for the competition.  Am I Wrong?
  • In addition to my previous message, what is the description  of the columns:
    Cost Type_...; 
    in the "Permitlog" ?
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