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Hi there,

I was wondering if the EPML import is properly implemented in ProM6. I just tried to read in this EPML file but nothing is displayed when clicking on 'View resource'. As well no exception is generated.



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    Ok, that EPML example seems to be too complex to be imported into ProM6. I just did a very simple EPML example which just worked fine.
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    Hi SunnyOz,

    I also encountered the problem you mention and reported it to the author of the import plug-in.
    Hopefully it will get resolved, I'll keep you posted.
    Joos Buijs

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    Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
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    First of all, sorry to comment on a dead thread. 

    It seems quite weird that the visualizations of imported EPML files (the files that I have tried so far) in Prom6, are blank. Has anybody found a work around for this?

    There seem to be 4 plugins in Prom6 that make use of an epml file as an input:
    1. Convert EPC to Petri net
    2. Convert EPC to CPF Model
    3. Remove edgepoints
    4. Unpack Aggregate types

    I have tried the imported files as inputs for each of these plugins with no success. Does this suggest that the import of the epml file was unsuccessful? However, I don't find any errors to justify this.

    SunnyOz: It would be great if you could share the simple EPML example that you suggest in your post above.
    -- Thank you, PCoder
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    As SunnyOz suggested, I tried to create a simple epml file (attached herewith). But still no success, I can neither visualize nor use it as input for any other plugin.

    Am I doing something wrong :(

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    -- Thank you, PCoder
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    Another strange finding:

    The epml files can be imported successfully (with visualizations) in Prom 5.2 but not in Prom 6.
    -- Thank you, PCoder
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    Well the answer to the problem was very simple in fact.

    I created the epml file using EPCTools plugin for eclipse, which unfortunately seems to be outdated and not EPML 2.0 compliant.

    The EPML import plug-in of ProM 6 is based on the EPML 2.0 schema. As a result, any <epc> element needs to be embedded in a <directory> element, which has a "name"  attribute. Furthermore, the attributes "EpcId"  and "Name" used in your file for the <epc>  element should be written as "epcId"  and "name". 

    Enclosed you'll find your file with the abovementioned changes applied. This file should be imported fine by ProM 6.

    Special thanks to Eric for the help.
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    -- Thank you, PCoder
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