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ProM Lite - Inductive Miner plugin


How can we pass parameters to Inductive miner CLI plugin. Have seen an example script to pass parameters object without any values. But how do we pass the noise and event parameters?



  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 782
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    Hi Jane,

    If you go to, and download the Inductive miner from there, it will come with a discover.txt script file in the Scripts folder. Around line 30, you will find the following snippet that calls the Inductive miner with parameters:

    pars = new org.processmining.plugins.InductiveMiner.mining.MiningParametersIMi();

    print("    <pluginfo>");
    res = mine_petri_net_with_inductive_miner_with_parameters(log, pars);
    print("    </pluginfo>");

    By changing the 'pars' variable before calling the miner (line 5 of the snippet), you can pass different parameters to the Inductive miner.

    Kind regards,

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  • thajanthajan Posts: 8
    Thanks Eric
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