Adding plug-ins when already using prom

I've been using prom for a while and now I want to add some more plug-ins. I have used plug in manager but the plug-ins don't show up in prom. Is this because plug-ins installed by package manager only load when starting prom for the first time? I've tried uninstalling prom and reinstalling to see if that helps but I haven't figured out how it get all my newly installed plug-ins to appear in an already installed prom.


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    Every time ProM starts, it will scan all packages for plugins. Using the Package Manager, you can install more packages. After having installed more packages, if you start ProM, it will scan the packages that you have just installed. No problems here.

    In the ProM.ini file, you can configure which plug ins should be shown by ProM. Basically, every plug in has a level, and in the ProM.ini file you can specify a threshold for this level. The line in the ProM.ini file looks like follows:
    Acceptable values for this threshold are (from low to high) Local, NightlyBuild, Regular, PeerReviewed, and BulletProof. The lower you set this threshold, the more plug ins will show. A regular release (like 6.10) will have this level set to Regular, a ProM Lite release will have it set to PeerReviewed.

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