Some questions about “Negative Event Based Conformance Checking”

HannahHannah Posts: 35
I have downloaded the relevant package files, but there is still no way to run the plug-in


  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910

    Note that we use the following snippet to build the classpath and start ProM (you may have to update the versions number of the jar files in the dist folder):

    @GOTO start

     @set X=%X%;%1
     @GOTO :eof

    @set X=.\dist\ProM-Framework-6.11.121.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Contexts-6.11.67.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Models-6.10.43.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Plugins-6.9.75.jar

    @for /R .\lib %%I IN ("*.jar") DO @call :add .\lib\%%~nI.jar

     -classpath "%X%"^

    set X=
    I would use a scheme like this, and add a line like follows in the proper place:
    @for /R .\plugins %%I IN ("*.jar") DO @call :add .\plugins\%%~nI.jar

    Kind regards,

  • HannahHannah Posts: 35
    Hi Eric.
    Sorry, I don't quite understand where the language input code, I on the website to download the relevant package files

    Kind regards,
  • hverbeekhverbeek Posts: 910
    Hi Hannah,

    I think you'd better contact the authors on this plugin. The authors chose to distribute these ProM plugins apart from ProM, instead of as a part of ProM.

    The example on the website you mention also refers to ProM 6.5.1, I have no idea whether this plugin still works in more recent versions.

    Kind regards,
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