No packages were found. Please check your internet connection

kamila_16kamila_16 Posts: 1
I try install packages from Prom6.11 PM - Package Manager but if I open this program, I see information:
"No packages were found. Please check your internet connection".
I do not have available plugs to install them to work in Prom6.11
I checked my internet connection, web settings and everything is fine.
in Prom.ini file I see correct line: 
I can also open links on my web browsers.
It would be helpful if you could send me some solutions to fix this problem.
I don't know that it does matter - I work on Windows11, Java application is upgraded
I need this program due to making a project for my college (my colleagues hadn't got problem of this kind)
I don't know where I could look for help

Maybe someone of you had the same issue and could help me:)
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