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How to use an image on a button

jaclaesjaclaes Posts: 6
edited September 2011 in - Development

I would like to create a button with only an icon on it. I've made icons and have put them in the folder of my java files. But how can I use it on buttons? 

This is my code
        JButton b = newButton(new ImageIcon("up.jpg"),"move down");
protected JButton newButton(ImageIcon icon, String tooltip) {
JButton b = new SlickerButton(icon);
b.setForeground(new Color(40, 40, 40));
return b;
There is no error (not at compile time, not at runtime), but I get an empty button. 

I've also tried different paths to the image, but with no success
- /LogMerge/src/org/processmining/plugins/logmerge/rulebasedmerger/up.jpg
- src/org/processmining/plugins/logmerge/rulebasedmerger/up.jpg
- logmerge/rulebasedmerger/up.jpg
- rulebasedmerger/up.jpg
- up.jpg

I've also tried the same stuff with JButton instead of SlickerButton, but with no success.

Any suggestions?

Jan Claes
Ghent University, Belgium

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