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Semantic Log Enricher

pcoderpcoder Posts: 49
edited November 2011 in ProM5
Hi all,

There seem to have existed a plugin called "Semantic Log Enricher" with ProM 5.2 as mentioned in [1]. Unfortunately, I can neither find this plugin with ProM 5.2 or in the ip-super's website. Could someone help me find this plugin?


-- Thank you, PCoder


  • IsabelIsabel Posts: 26
    Funny, I just have stumbled upon the same article and was looking for that plugin as well.

    Please let me know when you have found out more about it by now!

    Thanks! :)
  • pcoderpcoder Posts: 49

    I wasn't able to find much about it. It seemed to be a part of the ip-super project, but the plugin was not included within any ProM packages I guess. The authors were reluctant to disclose anything, when I contacted them :(

    -- Thank you, PCoder
  • pcoderpcoder Posts: 49
    Sorry, I forgot to mention, if you want to take a look at other plugins such as "Semantic organizational miner", you can find them in within ProM 5.2 source
    -- Thank you, PCoder
  • IsabelIsabel Posts: 26
    Thank you! I already found out how to annotate my log with default ontologies and I can extract a (surprisingly good) wsml ontology for the role hierarchy with the role hierarchy miner. However, integrating that hierarchy into the log file seems like a tedious job :)
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