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DecMiner and SCIFF Checker and Prolog

IsabelIsabel Posts: 26
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Dear all,

using ProM 5.2 on MacOSX 10.6 I'm not able to use the plugins DecMiner and SCIFF Checker.

Running DecMiner gives: ERROR: Cannot start the prolog engine.
With SCIFF Checker nothing ever happens when I click on the button "Run the logs check!".

However prolog (SWI-pl) seems to be integrated in the itself:
[leaving out other platforms existing as well]

I have also installed swipl to the system itself, but that does not help either.
$ swipl --version
SWI-Prolog version 5.10.4 for i386-darwin10.7.0

Any ideas? Do the plugins work for other operating systems? :)

Kind regards,
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  • IsabelIsabel Posts: 26
    By the way, it does work with ProM 5.2 on Windows XP! :)
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