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No packages being installed

lwangikarlwangikar Posts: 3
edited May 2012 in ProM 6
Just installed Prom6.1, revision 2286 / Windows version. Install went fine, all files in the righ place and Prom61, the process manager and XESame launch fine. When I try to install packages through PM, a screen whizzes by and nothing happens, Package stays in the "Not installed" folder. I do not see any packages.xml file or the pacakges folder being created. I also seem to be missing the "BPM2010" pacakge. Help?


  • JBuijsJBuijs Posts: 914
    Are you sure you downloaded ProM 6 from
    The revision number sounds a bit low...
    Joos Buijs

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  • lwangikarlwangikar Posts: 3
    Yes, downloaded from the same link. Did it again to be doubly sure, after uninstalling the previous. Same issue persists.
  • lwangikarlwangikar Posts: 3
    Another update: downloaded a version for Mac; all working fine, except, I can not locate the alpha algorithm. So will not worry about the windows issues mentioned above now.
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