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How to mine an EPC with orga-units and export it to ARIS ???

HerbieHerbie Posts: 8
edited September 2012 in ProM 6

I'm having three problems:

1) I'd like to mine an EPC with additional data such as the organisational unit or data of an EPC function. Is this possible in ProM 5.2 or ProM 6? I couldn't find a plugin functionality to do so. In case it's not supported: Is there any other way to get such a result on base of log files that contain the necessary data ?

2) After the mining I want to export the result to ARIS because I don't want to mine only one process model. My intention is to build a bigger model or to add process interfaces with a modeling tool like ARIS. I've seen that it's no problem to export mined models with ProM 5.2. However, I couldn't do it with ProM 6.2. Did I overlook something or isn't the export supported in the 6.x versions?

3) The export with ProM 5.2 causes a warning when importing the model to the ARIS Business Architect 7.2, some models aren't imported correctly. Is there a recommendation which ARIS version to use ? The AML format seems to have changed a bit since the ProM 5.2 plugin was implemented.

Thanks for help :-)


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