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Visualization tab in Detail view is not working

anchalanchal Posts: 1
edited November 2012 in ProM 6

I have started with Prom 6.2. I have imported repairExample.xes in Prom. I am getting screen as in Figure 4 (Prom tutorials). But when I am trying to click on the view button in the detail view, I am not able to click it (eye in the detail view). And if I try to click on the eye in the workstation tab it does not display anything.

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards,
Anchal Garg


  • Hi Anchal,

    I had the same problem and for me the solution was to rerun the Package Manager again and reinstall the AllPackages again (yes, I had it installed and it worked just fine. But somehow it got removed/corrupted/whatever, but for me this was the way to go).


    HTH (for anyone),


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