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Pattern Abstraction doesn't show anything

lauraUnivpmlauraUnivpm Posts: 20
edited May 2014 in ProM 6

Hi all,

I'm trying to use Pattern Abstraction plugin. If I use one of the example logs (i.e. repairExample) it seems to work; however, when I try to use a log that I have generated from a csv file, it doesn't. In particular, if I select the option "Pattern abstraction" from the log visualizer, it seems that a crash happens, i.e. Prom doesn't do anything. Is there some specific information (some attribute for instance) that I must insert into the log in order to use pattern abstraction? Or some tecnical known limitation (e.g. event name shouldn't contain some character, or cannot be longer than...)? The strange thing is that I can use other plugins (HeuristicMiner, FuzzyMiner) over the same log. I'm using ProM6.3

Can anyone help me? Thank you very much

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